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Our History

Beacon Accounting Group was created in response to a need by small businesses for customized accounting solutions. After researching numerous local CPA firms and accounting practices, we found a lack of affordable, flexible accounting services focused on small businesses. Few, if any, accounting firms offer part-time accounting solutions geared specifically towards entrepreneurs and their businesses. Through our predecessor firm, Foster Financial Consulting, we have a history of working successfully with these types of organizations with offerings ranging from bookkeeping to CPA tax services to part-time CFO advisory consulting. Our focus on customer service is unique for the CPA industry. Our business model of providing affordable, part-time accounting assistance to small & medium sized companies allows us to tap into an underserved market in the local business community.

Our Approach

Our approach differentiates us from traditional CPA's and Accounting firms. Small businesses need flexible accounting services. Perhaps their needs are part-time, but their issues are just as important and often as complex as large organizations. We allow business owners to focus on managing their companies rather than getting bogged down on tax issues or accounting transaction recordkeeping. We allow small businesses to have part-time access to experienced accountants and CPA's - all at very affordable rates. We become a part of your team, we get to know your business and its cycles, and we offer solutions and advice that directly enhance the financial operations of your business.

Whether you need help only a few hours per week or only a few weeks a year, we can offer a solution that makes sense for your business.